Gordan Jandreoski

Gordan Jandreoski

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Gordan JandreoskiGordan Jandreoski

Always Thinking Outside the Box

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About Me

My name is Gordan Jandreoski and I'm working as Lead .Net Full Stack Developer and Software Architect.

I’m highly professional certified software developer with over 11 years experience on planning, developing and implementing enterprise projects based on Microsoft technologies.

My work experience has entitled me with some cool middle names and phrases like "Mr. Everything to Everything Integrator", "Hi's walking on clouds, again!", "Master of View Content", "Here it comes this WCF again", "I love SOA", "SharePoint rocks!". If you are interested about my skills or want or hire me, check out my full [resume](https://cdnjandreoski.azureedge.net/blog/assets/CV-Gordan-Jandreoski.pdf" target="_blank) for details.

In my free time I enjoy the presence of my gorgeous wife Sophie who works as a Dynamics CRM consultant; an eccentric cat named "Kitty" who laugh us all; and my passion for technology, science and photography.

Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program.— Linus Torvalds